Our Book of Shadows

This is a work in progress and is not yet complete. Entries will be posted in the near future!

This is our Book of Shadows.

In it will be very personal accounts of tarot readings, ritual work, and deep — sometimes intimate — meditations. Dreams of a spiritual nature will also be included as they were noted.

I wanted to post this ongoing Book of Shadows in the hope that it might help others who are looking to start a spiritual path or are merely curious. I am a spiritual Satanist with Pagan roots, so keep in mind that some of these entries will be of a darker nature and some may be unsettling. Some might cause you to question things you never intended to question before — or didn’t because you were told not to.

Magick isn’t the kind of thing to mess with unless you tread carefully as a student first. I didn’t always have spirit guides who were around so often, but merely lurking in the shadows when I was younger to watch me make a fool of myself. I wasn’t ready for that kind of awakening yet, and I was equally unready for my guides.

Now, at 32, and after spending about 12 years studying all of this, I’ve finally gained a solid connection with my spirit guides who have become like family to me. I tread carefully and I write everything down, and I heed the warnings my spirit guides give when necessary. They never let me do anything I can’t handle, and they’re the first to yank me right back from a trance if I get a bit too curious in what we’re exploring. Knowledge on the spiritual plane is meant to be accessed in bits and pieces, and it won’t let you do otherwise. You can try, but it probably won’t be pleasant and you’ll be drained for a while.

Basically, don’t be greedy.

As for what a Book of Shadows is, it’s a witch’s — or whatever term one prefers — personal tome or journal of all of their magickal workings as well as spiritual dreams. At least, this is what mine has become. It’s scattered over the years since I didn’t really put together anything seriously until this year, but I’d been writing things down for much longer than that. I decided to only include stuff from the past four years since that’s when I really got into my groove with it. The trances came easier with my spirit guide Darokin’s help, and the dreams with Byleth and Zagan Lestan became vivid and pronounced. Our rituals became intense and charged with sultry energy, and I look forward to them when we decide it’s one of those days.

This is not an every day thing. It’s a few times a month thing, although I’ve had more active months in the past. More recently I’ve been trying to make it a goal to reach trance states for meditation — to explore other planes that Darokin can help me access — more often. Byleth and Zagan Lestan aren’t usually as into the mystical and dreamlike part of it like Darokin is, so they tend to help me work in the here and now, although they aren’t opposed to helping me see other worlds.

Without further rambling, here is my current Book of Shadows. Content warnings are:

  • Sexual situations; sometimes explicit but tasteful and for spiritual purposes
  • Switching (which means one of my guides takes control of my body)
  • Mentions of depression and anxiety symptoms — may be upsetting to some

Ave Satanas
Shane Blackheart
January 12, 2021